President Ikeda in Europe. Extracts from THE NEW HUMAN REVOLUTION, Vol. 4

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Daisaku Ikeda

112 pages

This book brings together excerpts from The New Human Revolution, in which Shin'ichi Yamamoto/President Ikeda visits different countries in Europe. In each country, he encourages people about their specific issues.

- In 1981 President Ikeda travels to Europe visiting Germany, Bulgaria, Autria, Italy and France (NHR Vol. 30/4).

- In August 1982 SGI members chant for peace when the Falklands War breaks aut. President Ikeda visits Russia and meets with Mikhail Gorbachev in May 1990 (NHR Vol. 30/6).

- In August 1976 President Ikedas dialogue with André Malraux ist published (NHR Vol. 24/1).

- President Ikeda discusses the attitude towards education in Europe and talks about the early development of Christianity in Europe (NHR Vol 24/3)