The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra, Vol. 4

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Verlag: Eternal Ganges

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The Lotus Sutra explains that all people – regardless of gender, social status or education – can uncover the Buddha Nature they inherently possess. Based on this empowering and compassionate sutra, Nichiren Daishonin revealed his practice for the modern world.
Now, in clear, down-to-earth terms, Daisaku Ikeda and Soka Gakkai study department leaders Katsuji Saito, Takanori Endo and Haruo Suda explore the profound meaning of the Lotus Sutra’s twenty-eight chapters. Through their discussions, the ancient text of the Lotus Sutra comes alive, brimming with profound significance and practical advice for living in today’s world.

“The Lotus Sutra teaches of the great hidden treasure of the heart, as vast as the universe itself, which dispels any feelings of powerlessness. It teaches a dynamic way of living in which we breathe the immense life of the universe itself. It teaches the true great adventure of self-reformation." Daisaku Ikeda